Kellie Haddock
Kellie Haddock

Long Time Coming

The new film Long Time Coming tells the compelling story of America’s first racially integrated Little League Baseball game. It happened just a few weeks before Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

In 1955, when racial segregation defined the South, two groups of twelve-year-old boys stepped onto a baseball field in a non-violent act of cultural defiance that would change the course of history and challenge their own perceptions sixty years later.

Long Time Coming features Major League Baseball and Civil Rights icons Hank Aaron, Cal Ripken Jr., Gary Sheffield, Davey Johnson and Ambassador Andrew Young who shed light on the past, the present, the game and our common ground.” (   

I’m incredibly proud of my husband and honored to be by his side throughout the 3+ years he’s worked on this important project and now as we begin sharing it broadly.

The film made it’s world premiere at the Florida Film Festival with two swiftly selling out screenings and jubilant audience responses. It has since toured the nation at film festivals and boutique theaters. On February 5th it will be available EVERYWHERE you find movies. We hope you will engage this story and share it with your friends!

Our friend John Arndt, who I’ve worked with closely on all of my records, did the score for this film - it’s beautiful and moving.

We see the film as the beginning of a conversation. Ted and his team are working on study guides to further aid discussion after the film.


Never underestimate the power an ordinary day can hold. You never know what spark of hope can be ignited by a simple conversation. Lean in and press on. Keep listening. Keep loving. Thank you for joining us in this journey.

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