Kellie Haddock
Kellie Haddock


Kellie is a singer, songwriter, wife and mom. Her music draws from personal, real-life stories of beauty, tragedy, hope and the celebration of life. A former widow, Kellie is a sought after speaker and musician with a heart to serve and encourage those whose intensity of life is top of mind. 


It’s estimated that over 65 million people have heard Kellie’s story. She was featured on the TODAY Show, Thanksgiving morning 2014. The Thank You Project, a short documentary featuring her story of gratitude after tragedy has gone viral and been featured by the Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, FOX news, ABC News, San Francisco Globe, Daily Mail, Perez-Hilton, Good Housekeeping and many others.


Her latest album, Leave the Light On, produced by Ben Gowell and featuring Sara Groves, offers catchy melodies and introspective tunes with a refreshing, full and uniquely groovy sound. There are those records that keep us company for a long, long time – this one might even give you a hug.


Kellie learned to sing in Mandarin to create Mandarin Lights, which she released in Hong Kong spring 2014. Kellie is also a contributing songwriter and vocalist on From Smallest Seed: A Nashville A ROCHA Project. Kellie’s co-written several songs including All Ye Refugees, recently released on Sandra McCracken’s PSALMS album. 


Kellie has spoken and shared her music at numerous events and conferences such as The Gathering, Shine, China Partnership, CRU and MOPS in addition to numerous concerts across the globe. This past fall 2015 Kellie visited Iraq bringing encouragement through her stories and songs to Expats serving there. She has sung and spoken alongside Tim Keller, Christine Caine, Andrew Peterson and Lynne Hybels among other respected leaders and musicians. 


Re-creation, stewarding creative gifts and the art of becoming who we were made to be are significant themes in Kellie’s work. A native of Jacksonville, Kellie studied at North Florida University and Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. She and her husband live in Florida and are the proud parents of three wonderful children.