Peace On Earth

Peace On Earth

Peace On Earth: A Christmas Album

Coming soon! Pre-order October 18th!

Available everywhere November 1st!

Peace on Earth is a ‘socially conscious’ Christmas album that speaks straight to the heart of our struggles. This music is infused with hope and longing to help bring peace on earth and to every heart that hears it.

Born from spending time in the Holy Land, sharing meals in Bethlehem with The Telos Group and crying beside refugees in Iraq with Preemptive Love Coalition. These experiences enrich these lyrics where weariness meets hope. Our culture straddles this tension. Wherever you find yourself amidst this story, as you soak in the music may you feel seen in the struggle and know you're not alone. “He knows your need, your weakness is no stranger.”

Co-produced with John Arndt (from The Brilliance), Peace on Earth brings 9 traditional carols and 3 new songs waiting for you to sing along.

Bethlehem, the last song on the album is the heart song I’ve waited my whole life to write. I can't sing these words without seeing my life encompassed, “The hopes and fears of all the years are met in Thee tonight.” These lyrics carry the weight of it all: widowhood, caring for a child with special needs, marrying again, the joys, the disappointments, the successes, the failures, the significant, the simple...all of it…That is why the celebration of Christmas is such good news.

If you’re a parent, you will relate to Bright Christmas and hopefully laugh! Always Winter was inspired by The Chronicles of Narnia, how the White Witch makes it always winter and never Christmas. We’ve all been in those seasons where the waiting and longing feels never ending, when it feels like what we hope for will never come, like ‘Christmas’ will never come. This song sits in that tension and points to hope.

This whole album has been such a gift and creating it has been deeply fulfilling. May it help your Christmas season be a little brighter this year. “Weary world, rejoice tonight. Love has come, spread its light.”

- Merry Christmas!