Kellie Haddock

Song For The Refugee

Kellie Haddock
Song For The Refugee

We created SONG FOR THE REFUGEE after my time in Iraq with Preemptive Love Coalition.

In response to the travel ban and our country separating more than 2,000 immigrant children from their families, and the ongoing suffering families are experiencing in the face of our closed doors, we are releasing this song as a call to action - standing with the vulnerable and reclaiming the soul of America. 

As a mom, I will not sit back in silence while this happens on our doorstep. I want us to have a different place in history. This is not a partisan issue - it's a human issue, and I need your help!

Use Song For The Refugee as a tool to further amplify your voice on behalf of those in need - please share it with your friends and family as we stand in solidarity with the vulnerable. Let’s move forward together to mark this generation with genuine love and compassion.

Visit Preemptive Love Coalition  or We Welcome Refugees to get involved!


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