Kellie Haddock
Kellie Haddock

For Southwest Airlines

Dear friends at Southwest, 

You make the skies bluer for all of us who fly with you. This is why I think my song ‘Blue Skies’ would be a great song for your brand! Please take a listen and let me know what you think?

I have a viral video with more than 150 million views (across several platforms) and have been featured on the TODAY Show, The Huffington Post, and Cosmopolitan among other national and international media outlets.

I’d love to add Southwest Air to this list! Thanks for considering welcoming me into the Southwest family as an artist. I look forward to continuing the conversation together!

Kellie Haddock

P.S. Here’s a fun story about this song and Southwest Airlines which I just shared on my social channels:

“What do the band Creed and Southwest Airlines and my song ‘Blue Skies’ have in common? A few years ago I was flying to Vegas to do a few shows out there. I was sitting in the back of the plane by the bathrooms and a flight attendant and I struck up a conversation. She wanted to hear my music and pulled up this song. She loved it so much she played it over the speaker for the entire flight to hear as we were de-planing.

It turns out that one of the band members of Creed was on the flight too and had heard the whole conversation I’d had with the flight attendant. He later came and found me, told me who he was and that he really loved this tune! He said if I ever needed anything he’d be happy to help.

Well me, uh I TOTALLY dropped the ball! I had no idea who Creed was or who this guy was and I was like, ‘cool thanks’ and moved on without exchanging any contact info or engaging the conversation!

I called my husband Ted later and told him about the story and he then informed me WHAT A BIG DEAL this was (and Creed is!) and kindly informed me that I’d totally let this slip through my fingers! I felt terrible! Turns out Creed is kinda (a whole lot) of a big deal.

So... mystery Creed band member - if you’re out there and ever come across this post, I’m sorry if in my ignorance I disrespected you. Thank you for your encouragement and graciousness to me. I wish I had handled our conversation better. But your words and affirmation of my art are still cheering me on today. Thank you.

And Southwest air, you make the skies bluer for all of us who fly with you! My producer Ben Gowell says this song should be your theme song…and well, I totally agree! What do you think?”

Kellie is a singer, songwriter, wife and mom. A former widow, Kellie has lived through tragedy and found hope and joy on the other side. Her music draws from real-life stories of beauty, heartache, hope and the celebration of life. 

The Thank You Project, a short film featuring Kellie’s story of gratitude after tragedy, has attracted more than 150 million views and has been featured on The TODAY Show, The Huffington Post, and Cosmopolitan among other national and international media outlets. 

Kellie has performed in Iraq, Israel, China and across the U.S., - in stadiums for up to 10,000 - in people's homes and everything in between - offering music that engages the soul in all of its beauty and vulnerability. 


Kellie released Leave The Light On (featuring Sara Groves) in 2013 and Mandarin Lights (recorded in Mandarin & released in Hong Kong) in 2014. Her work is featured on Together In The Harvest: A Nashville A ROCHA Project and on Sandra McCracken’s Psalms album, which went to No. 1 on iTunes.  Wild Love, (2017) offers 12 piano driven songs that blend powerful, energetic pop with highly emotive lyrics and features musicians Steve Goold (Sara Bareilles) and John Arndt (The Brilliance). 

Now Kellie's newest album, All Shall Be Well, offers a refreshing splash of 25 classic hymns featuring sweet layers of ukulele and vocals. She’s also created a hymn songbook arranged for ukulele and voice as the perfect companion to the album. Grab your ukulele to play and sing right along with the music!