Kellie Haddock
Kellie Haddock


Dear friends at Cordoba, 

I’ve been using your 15CM Ukulele exclusively both in the studio and at all my shows. I know several people have purchased your ukuleles as a result of watching me perform or seeing posts about my Cordoba Uke. I’d love for you to consider bringing me into your Cordoba artist community in exchange for my continued promotion of your fantastic instruments! 

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I have a viral video with more than 100 million views (across several platforms) and have been featured on the TODAY show. 

I’m currently working on a Ukulele Hymn Collection releasing later this fall with 25 classic hymns for refreshment and sing-along. Already the anticipation of this record is creating quite a buzz! I’m planning to go on tour with the new record and would love to have a 15CM-E to use on the tour.

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Thanks for considering. I look forward to continuing the conversation together!

Kellie Haddock

Kellie is a singer, songwriter, wife and mom. A former widow, Kellie has lived through tragedy and found hope and joy on the other side. Her music draws from real-life stories of beauty, heartache, hope and the celebration of life. 

The Thank You Project, a short film featuring Kellie’s story of gratitude after tragedy, has attracted more than 100 million views and has been featured on The TODAY Show, The Huffington Post, and Cosmopolitan among other national and international media outlets. 

Kellie has performed in Iraq, Israel, China and across the U.S., offering music that engages the soul in all of its beauty and vulnerability. She has sung and spoken alongside Tim Keller, Christine Caine, Marianne Williamson, Andrew Peterson and Lynne Hybels among other respected leaders and musicians. 

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Kellie released Leave The Light On (featuring Sara Groves) in 2013 and Mandarin Lights (recorded in Mandarin & released in Hong Kong) in 2014. Her work is featured on Together In The Harvest: A Nashville A ROCHA Project and on Sandra McCracken’s Psalms album, which went to No. 1 on iTunes. 

Kellie's newest studio album, Wild Love released in 2017 and features musicians Steve Goold (Sara Bareilles) and John Arndt (The Brilliance).

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